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Dealing with online companies that ask you to mail in your gold or jewellery in the hope that you get a good price is as risky as it sounds. At Dixon Jewellers we pride ourselves on the reputation and trust we have built over the last 33 years. We also appreciate that recycled gold offers the environmental benefit of not requiring the extensive mining and processing of new gold.

Come sit down with one of our accredited appraisers to get the best value for your gold or jewellery. In dealing with gold pieces we will provide a total weight in grams and a price per gram per karat. For gemstones and other items we will provide an offer to purchase the item as is. If you are happy with the quoted price, walk away with a cheque knowing that you have 48 hours to change your mind. That’s right, not only do we guarantee the best price but we also know the sentimental value of your jewellery which may result in you regretting your decision to sell.

Be confident in dealing with a professional, local, manufacturing jeweller that appraises and recycles on-site.

Dixon Jewellers is also a full member in good standing with the following organizations.

  • The Canadian Jewellers Association

  • The Canadian Gemological Association

  • Jewellers Vigilance Canada

  • The Accredited Appraisal Program

  • The Ottawa Chamber of Commerce