SO what IS the difference? How do you know the jeweller you’ve chosen is even good, never mind the best? Every jeweller says they have the highest quality, the lowest prices, the best service, and so on, so how can you sort it all out? Consider these facts, and I think your choice is easy.


Dixon Jewellers has no sales staff. Everyone you talk to is a trained jeweller, gemmologist, designer, or all three. Our goal is not to pressure anyone to buy, but rather to pass on our knowledge and experience so you can choose with confidence. We want you to understand exactly what you are designing or purchasing and we take the time to unravel the complexities of jewellery buying.

Furthermore, all repairs, appraisals and manufacturing is done on site, enabling us to control all aspects of your order. No middle men, no extra markups. That means casting, modeling, setting, and gem services in house.


We are the manufacturer of a large portion of the jewellery in our showcases and all of the custom designs. Our contacts established over 50 years in the industry enable us to buy diamonds, chains and finished items very well; you will find our prices more than competitive.


Dixon Jewellers is a family owned and operated single store that believes quality is the best form of advertising; we let our creations speak for themselves. We are traditional hands-on jewellers who are often fussier about the products than our customers! We do not buy parcels of mixed quality diamonds; each one is hand picked to meet your specific demands.

We carry the finest coloured gemstones from all over the world: rubies, sapphires, emeralds and exotic gems each one chosen for its unique attributes: perfect cut, distinct saturated colour, and brilliant clarity.


All our work is fully guaranteed. If you are not satisfied we will refund your money (certain custom orders may be excepted), as opposed to merely offering a store credit: that’s how fully we stand behind our jewellery. We invite comparison. You will find cheaper jewellery out there, but the Dixon Difference means you will be hard pressed to find better value anywhere.