jewellery repair

Whether it’s a rare antique bracelet or a precious family heirloom our full service in-house repair department handles the most difficult of repairs with precision results.

Unlike many other local jewellers, Dixon offers complete on-site repair, meaning that your precious piece remains on our premises where its security and care can always be ensured. Doing your repairs right here at home also makes it faster, allowing you to get that favorite bracelet, necklace or ring back at home where it belongs. Most repairs take only 1-2 weeks on average with rush services available by appointment.

We do free quotes, while you wait, so come in today! We will assess your specific jewellery repair needs and let you know exactly what work is recommended and how much it will cost before you commit to leaving it with our trusted repair team.

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Is your jewellery looking a little tired, has it lost it’s sparkle? No problem, bring it in anytime for a free inspection and we will give it a complimentary steam clean while you’re here (provided no repair needs are identified that would compromise the safety of your item). If it needs a bit more than a quick steam we can give it a full polish (starting at $15) and, if it’s really got some big dents or gouges then we can provide a quote for refinishing. If it’s an item you bought from us, we will provide free polishing for life!


Many items of jewellery have a thin coating applied to them to either change or improve the colour of the piece - the most common example is rhodium plating on most white gold jewellery. When this layer wears off you may notice that your item looks duller or has a yellow tinge to it. Not to fear though - we can replate most jewellery items and return them to the shiny piece you fell in love with (some exceptions apply, noteably costume jewellery). Rhodium plating starts at only $35 (or it’s free if you bought the item from us).


Over time the small prongs or “claws” that hold your stones in place wear down. When this happens you may notice your ring catching or scratching and this can eventually lead to loss of stone if left too long. Retipping your claws ensures that your stone will be safe for many happy years to come. We recommend that most rings be checked on an annual basis just to make sure that everything is ship-shape. Please, feel free to bring your jewellery by for free cleanings and inspections any time - we will let you know if any retipping or repairs are required and provide you with a free quote.


Does your ring fit loose, does it wobble to a fro? We can fix that! We can size your ring up or down as necessary, no muss, no fuss. Whether it’s silver, gold or platinum we will make sure your ring is made to fit just right for you. Bring it in for a free estimate anytime, we will measure your finger while you’re here and let you know the cost up front. If your ring is very thin/worn (common with vintage rings) or if your shank is broken, then we may recommend something called ‘re-shanking’. This is a full replacement of the metal at the back of your ring and will ensure that your ring stays safe on your finger for many more years to come.


Do you have a break in your favourite piece? Maybe your chain got pulled or the post fell off your earring - most jewellery repairs involve some sort of soldering. We provide many different varieties of soldering (ie. torch, laser, soft) and will determine which method will be most effective for your repair needs.


For items that were once glued but have since come un-stuck - we can re-secure it for you! Common with pearls and crystal jewellery, setting glue will wear down over time and eventually just let go. While re-gluing something may seem a simple task, it is important that the right type of glue be applied for the specific materials. We want to ensure that your bond will last as long as possible as well avoid any unsightly glue globs! Leave it to us, re-gluing starts as low as $15. Please note, if you have one earring that has come unglued, bring us both! Usually when one lets go the other is not far behind.


Whether your pearl or bead necklace has already broken or the cord is just starting to look a little worn, we can help restring it. There are two common methods of restring, with and without knots. We will help you determine which is best for your strand . Restringing without knots starts at $1.50 per inch, with knots starts at $2.50 per inch.

Replacing and resetting stones

It is not unusual for stones to come loose or even occasionally come out of their settings, especially those really little ones. If your stone has popped out and you found it (phew!) or even if it’s lost on a train in Tokyo we can help re-set and/or replace it. We will first determine the reason that your stone came out to begin with, let you know what our recommendations are for securing it and provide you with a quote up front. If you lost your stone, our expert gemmologists will make sure to source something that is as similar as possible to the rest of the stones in your piece, ensuring a seamless fit that no-one will be able to notice.


Other in-house jewellery repair services include, but are not limited to:

Arthritic Shanks

Clasp Repairs & Replacements

Safety Catch Installations

Watch Battery Replacements

Watch Strap Adjustments

Remodelling & Restoration

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