Dixon Jewellers Trademark

At Dixon Jewellers, our experienced in-house designers are renowned for their stunning award winning designs and exceptional handcrafted pieces. By manufacturing our own jewellery, we are able to ensure the craftsmanship, quality, expertise and creativity that goes into each of our custom-made items is exceptional.

Our years of experience and stringent quality control measures ensure that at every stage of the design process we are in control of the end product. A unique and superior piece of jewellery is the outcome, and as a result we are proud to stamp each piece we make with the stylized ‘D’ ™ of Dixon Jewellers.


 'Opposites Attract' Custom Wedding Bands. 2014.

'Opposites Attract' Custom Wedding Bands. 2014.



Our showcases are filled with a vast selection of stunning jewellery items manufactured from start to finish in our full-service on-site factory. Why not have a special piece designed and tailored just for you? Contrary to popular belief a custom piece can actually cost less and the quality is always guaranteed.

Explore birthstone possibilities you’ve yet to imagine or create a unique expression of devotion with a custom engagement or wedding ring. Save vintage pieces from a life long sentence in your jewellery box with a timeless redesign you’ll treasure forever. Between our extensive knowledge and your unique tastes there’s nothing we can’t create. In anywhere from 2 weeks to 24 hours we’ll produce that stunning piece you’ve been searching for!



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