Contrary to popular belief a custom engagement ring can actually cost less and the quality is always guaranteed.


Our multi-talented designers are able to translate your ideas, desires and preferences into stunning jewellery pieces.

At the onset of a design concept our manufacturing experts are able to ingeniously determine the most cost efficient way to make your unique piece without compromising the creative process. This insightful and creative approach combined with extensive professional experience in undertaking custom work saves time and money, ensuring you get the piece you’ve always dreamed of at the best possible price.

Arrange a consultation with our design team today and discover how easily and affordably they can make your dream piece a reality!

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”We had a custom engagement ring made by the Dixon Jewellers team. Staff helped us find a one of a kind stone (a lavender sapphire that shows slight color change from purple-blue to denim blue in the sun) and helped me narrow down what I liked in several rings to make a ring that has a retro-chic classy and unique look.

The ring was priced lower we had expected. After we approved our digital renderings, the order was completed faster than expected. We experienced good quality service (professional, genuinely enthusiastic, welcoming). We plan on going there again with “scrap” gold to have more custom jewelry made in the future.”
— Annie Fleurant, Google+ Review

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