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Dixon Jewellers now carries Lashbrook Rings!

From Lashbrook Designs: "Lashbrook is a designer jewelry manufacturer like no other. We make our rings one at a time, at the time of order, in Draper, Utah. This unique process allows you to have a ring made according to your exact specifications. Whether you pick one of our basic styles, one of our award winning styles, or mix and match any combination of design features, you can wear a personalized ring as unique and creative as you are."

Lashbrook rings are available in camo, carbon fibre, zirconium, ceramic, cobalt chrome, damascus steel, elysium, hard wood, meteorite, mokume-gane, precious metals, titanium and tungsten ceramic!

Check out the huge selection of Lashbrook rings on their website HERE, or book an in-store consultation today!

Lashbrook Rings
Posted on May 12, 2016 and filed under Lashbrook.

One for the Men...

Wedding season isn't always just about the ladies. Here's one for the men out there getting ready to tie the knot.

This custom made sterling silver and platinum wedding band just left the shop today. Called 'Mokume-gane', this Japanese technique involves the fusion of two metals to create distinctive layered patterns. Also known as 'wood grain metal' due to it's appearance, it is completely distinct and no two rings will ever be the same.

Posted on June 11, 2015 .